About Michael J Yacavone

I have loved photography for nearly 50 years, since I was introduced to the art by my maternal Grandfather, Sam Hatfield, when I was quite young, perhaps five or six years old. Working in the darkroom was my first taste of magic.

A few years later when we traveled as a family to the American Southwest, I saw a completely different dry desert landscape than the mountains and lakes and rivers of New England. I learned that looking at where you are and where you’ve been means you can see how things change, and how things stay the same.

My work today looks at the world through lenses of interconnected social and environmental systems, and explores how the elements relate to each other, especially in time.

My artistic goal is to express my vision of the world as it is “Now” — after it was yesterday, and before it becomes tomorrow.

The relationship a viewer has with a photograph can change over months or years, deepening their experience of the image, and by extension, their experience of themselves and their world.

Photo of Michael J Yacavone by Kathryn Lively (Mirror Lake, New Zealand, 2016)

The Jacovoni Family Name

Jacovoni Photographics takes its name from Michael's great-great-grandfather, Vincenzo Jacovoni – son of Giuseppe, residing in Trivendo – as it was signed on his Italian passport.

At Ellis Island the name was changed to Yacavone, but I want to honor the vision and fortitude required to emigrate to the United States, by boat, in 1887, at 54 years old.